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Massachusetts Bay Colony Against Saudi Arabia

One of the reasons the people of Massachusetts Bay Colony migrated to New England was because of religion. They were Puritans but unfortunately, the King at that time did not agree and punished them. Therefore, they began to migrate to New England to build a new colony there. I made the point that, back then religion was completely important to them. It shaped everyday life in colonial New England. The strongest country, which emphasized much on religion, is Saudi Arabia. The rules over here are very strict. Not all people in this world could enter freely into this country. There aren’t any tourism visas or things like that. Religion made the country hard for women. It is not a free country like others. Religion is the main reason why the country has a very strict rule. Therefore, the religion in Saudi Arabia is very important.

Back then in the 1600s they did not have any technology. They did have, but it was not as modern as these days of course. They used only basic tools to survive and to make the colony grow. In Saudi Arabia is also the same. I seriously think that this country has a very poor technology. At this period, Saudi Arabia should already have a lot of useful technology. I just want to make a point that S.A and M.B.C are the same.

Another similarity between Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia is, slaves or servants. In the 1600s, indentured servants were not really needed. Same goes for Saudi Arabia; they do not need any servants for the country. Although there are some Saudis who still use servants.

Farming was mainly the source of food or money for the M.B.C. Although it did not bring great wealth to them, they still survived for decades. Unlike Saudi Arabia, farming is not needed at all. Saudi Arabia only depends on its oil source, and still they are one of the wealthiest countries in the world.


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