The Two Tallest Towers in The World

Burj Dubai Tower

Burj Dubai Tower

Burj Dubai Tower and Al-Burj Dubai Tower both are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Burj Tower is under construction while the Al-Burj Tower has just been proposed and both of the towers are located miles from each other. The Burj Dubai is a project under the Emaar Properties. The final height of this tower has yet not been revealed, as for the Emaar group is still keeping a secret. Some sources say that the Burj Dubai would be approximately 818 meters tall and other sources say it will be over 900 meters tall. The Burj Dubai will be estimated complete by the end of 2009. Burj Dubai was supposed to be the tallest tower in the world, but unfortunately, the Nakheel group has announced about Al-Burj surpassing the Burj Tower.

Al-Burj Dubai Tower

Al-Burj Dubai Tower

In the other hand, Al-Burj Dubai project has just begun and it is a project by developer Nakheel. They are now trying to test the soil on the location proposed. The height of this tower would approximately be about 1,400 meters tall. The height of Al-Burj Dubai is almost twice as tall as Burj Dubai Tower. If this tower is completed, it will be the first tower ever build by man in world.

Comparing Two Towers

Comparing Two Towers


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